Project 'To research and implement the GIS database of the water level for the annual flooding area in Mekong delta – Vietnam'


Project is the co-operation on scientific and technical between the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the government of the Kingdom of Belgium.

The project will have the following objectives:
  • To propose an integrated system allowing the integration of existing water level measurements data, remote sensing and ancillary flooding information in order to provide quick support to the decision makers in Mekong delta.

The main source of information will be a combination of:

-  Existing flooding archive data
-  Remote sensing information on past and current flooding (i.e. radar scenes) to define flooding areas
-  Existing flooding measurement (i.e. near real-time)
-  Up-to-date geographical background information
  • To demonstrate the feasibility of an accurate and quick evaluation system (flooded area) during the flood event. The first objective is to be able to provide decision makers with geographical support (GIS) during the flood event including flooded areas, sensible human or equipments settlements, mitigation infrastructure…
  • To be able to provide warning signal based on existing (near) real time measurement systems.
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