Geographic Information Systems for Geoscientists: Modelling with GIS


Book Details

  • Title: Geographic Information Systems for Geoscientists: Modelling with GIS (Computer Methods in the Geosciences S.)
  • Paperback 414 pages (October 1994)
  • Publisher: Pergamon
  • ISBN: 0080424201

Book Description

This text shows how to use GIS technology for geological applications, placing emphasis on the end-user. It examines how to bring spatial data into a GIS, how to explore spatial inter-relationships in the data and how to combine map information with models. In addition, the book contains a series of chapters on the concepts and tools of GIS, followed by a series of chapters on geological applications. It is illustrated throughout with geological examples: under data capture, methods for digitizing geological maps and the associated attributes in the legend are illustrated with examples from several Canadian localities; data transformations are demonstrated with examples from geophysical and geochemical surveys; modelling operations are illustrated on a variety of data types, including satellite images, digital elevation models, regional geochemical surveys and alteration maps. A range of general modelling types are also discussed and the author's own work on mineral potential mapping with statistical data is presented. The book includes an examination of other applications, covering waste disposal site selection, seismic zonation, groundwater analysis, coal basin analysis, and acid-drainage from a mine. The main emphasis is on 2-D applications, although some 3-D examples are discussed.
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